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Jim Hamblin (keyboards and vocals), or Mr. Grumpy as he is affectionately referred to (but only when the beer is crap) is the latest addition to the band and a bit of a loose cannon. You never know what he’s going to do next... mainly because neither does he! But he’s been on the circuit since the sixties, so we just try to show respect and keep up. Jim’s musical experience covers a multitude of different styles from rock and roll through to blues and soul... he even performs in a Gilbert and Sullivan musical society (any excuse to dress up!) The unmistakable sound of his original ELKA keyboard blends in perfectly with John’s easy guitar style to produce a really haunting sound. And the voice ­ how does anyone growl that low?

Russell Dean (bass guitar and vocals), the ‘young buck’ is one of the original members of Strange Brew along with drummer, Graham. Russ started on rhythm guitar back in his art college days, playing mainly rock and blues. Slade, Cream,The Stones and Hendrix were always high on his list of influences. Rumour has it that he even used to be a member of the Noddy Holder Fan Club ­ sad muppet. After performing on guitar with a number of bands, he moved over to bass shortly after the current group was first put together under the name ‘Red Rooster’ back in the late nineties. We couldn’t find a bass player at the time, so we bought him a book and a video and he hasn’t looked back since. Russ’s driving bass lines have become a cornerstone of the rhythm section.


John Price (guitar and vocals), originally from the northern wastelands of Stoke-on-Trent, started playing on the blues scene when he was at uni, long before Robbie Williams had his first tattoo! John joined the band in 2000 after leaving the Winchester based five-piece, Charcoal Blues Band, following their brief tour in Germany. Oh yes, he is known on both sides of the Channel, a musician of international acclaim no less! John has certainly made his mark on Strange Brew with his unique ‘laid back’ style, which in layman’s terms means ‘never the same twice’. Never far from the front line when it comes to arrangements, he always tries to make sure that every song is given the full 'Brew' treatment.

Graham Andrews (drums, percussion and vocals) was the founder member of the band, together with Russ in the original ‘Red Rooster’ line up before it was changed to ‘Strange Brew’, following the arrival of John. Graham started playing drums and guitar in a Shadows covers band at school when he was fourteen. It all started on a secondhand two-piece drumkit his mum and dad bought him for Christmas. Throughout his years at Southampton Art College studying graphic design, he played with a local rhythm and blues band. He could often be seen playing in the pubs and clubs around the area supporting his idols at the time - Manfred Mann. After finishing college Graham joined a variety of bands performing mainly heavy rock. Following his early retirement from the music scene back in 1978, he took up the calling again with a six-piece covers band in ’96 prior to setting up the current line up.